New Sick MicroScan3 Laser Scanner offers superior performance

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At a glance
  • Innovative scanning technology safeHDDM™
  • Protective field range: 5.5 m, scanning angle 275°
  • Compact, rugged metal housing
  • High reliability against dust and ambient light
  • System plug M12, 8-pin, with configuration memory
  • Intuitive configuration using the Safety Designer software
  • Brilliant multicolor display
Your Benefits
  • safeHDDM™: Innovative scanning technology for an outstanding ratio between wide sensing range and compact design for simple integration in your machine
  • Rugged design: Developed for harsh industrial day-to-day work, the microScan3 is resilient and increases productivity
  • Smart connectivity: Low cabling costs due to standardized interfaces, fast device change due to configuration memory
  • Intuitive operation: Simple commissioning with using Safety Designer software and diagnostic options via a display and push buttons

Click here to view a quick video!

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