IVC-3D: World's First 3D Smart Camera

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The IVC-3D smart camera combines imaging and analysis into one housing. The camera performs inspection, location, and measurement of objects in order to enhance production yield, control production and perform quality control. Applications that once required complicated camera and illumination technology can now easily be completed with the world’s first 3D smart camera.
The IVC-3D is an ideal solution for numerous inspection tasks in robot and handling systems and production processes, such as 3D inspection of food. For example, the IVC-3D can inspect a loaf of bread or cookies - so misshapen products are rejected. Product volume can be measured and used to indicate the need for an on-line adjustment.

The IVC-3D can control a machine, robot or conveyor directly without a PC externally attached, and the IVC-3D can also communicate through I/O, serial, and Ethernet connections. And with the graphical step programming environment, monitoring and configuring the camera is easy.

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