Tire Marking

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Tire Marking:

Various mechanisms exist to mark a tire.
Techniques vary greatly depending on whether we are in the green tire process or working with finished goods.
There are several specific areas of interest, they are:
One) finding defects,
Two) tracking and tracing,
Three) inspecting for surface blemishes,
Four) radial anistrophy,
Five) Taper.
Some of the attributes are concerned with final assembly on a vehicle, others are first used in the building process.
Let's take the rim, even though it is a separate component completely, from the tire,
the two function together to enhance shall we say, "the ride" in the marriage of both components.
The information we are looking for on and in the tire can help or hinder the wheel assembling OEM.
We no longer have isolated process, OEMs become dependent upon the other's ability to identify these areas and work together.We work with you in the same way. Call us to discuss your inspection needs.

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