Tire Industry: Regulating the calendering process

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To regulate the calendering process, high precision OD displacement sensors are

mounted at three positions on the Tire belt to measure the thickness by difference measurement.  It is possible to reliably measure deviations in thickness of less than 1 µm. It doesn’t matter if the belt vibrates in the vertical axis because the sensors are measuring top and bottom at the same time. The controller sums all three readings, and provides an average or instantaneous signal to control systems.

The sensors do not touch the material.

Repeatability can better than 3 um, response time can be 0.1 ms, interface methods via analog 0-10v, 4-20ma, digital or RS422/USB.  The system can have its own discrete alarms.  Stand-alone sensors are available for lower cost, higher speed or special applications.

These sensors work great for all non-contact distance measurement.  Some ranges are up to 10,000mm away, with slightly lower accuracy and speed.

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