Safety Controls for Tank Leak Test Machine

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In quality control, tanks are checked for leaks though a test machine designed with two independent testing stations. The tanks are manually inserted into the test control unit.
Faulty tanks should be detected and separated before shipping.
Tanks should be identified by a bar code scanner.
After a passed test, the tanks are labeled.
Unauthorized access during the current testing process should be controlled by doors, which can only be opened when the machine is stopped. A service mode should be possible while the doors are open.
A manual stop of the machine must be provided for a controlled stop.

Both doors are protected by one RE11 safety switch. In this way the testing process can only start if the doors are closed. The testing stations are controlled separately, so that the testing process can start
only after either door is closed. Simultaneously inserting a new tank into the second testing location can be accomplished. If one door is opened, only that affected testing process stops.
For service mode, one E100 enabling switch needs to be located at each testing station. This switch provides a secured service mode of the machine and in case of a hazardous situation stops the respective process station.
By closing the doors, the testing process starts automatically.
The machine also has a dual-channel ES21 emergency stop pushbutton. It has to be pressed to stop the entire machine in a hazardous situation. The emergency stop pushbutton is installed on the door column in the middle of the two testing stations. The machine starts again by pushing the designated Reset pushbutton after an Estop situation.
The Flexi Soft safety controller consolidates the individual safety component status and stops or starts one or more parts of the machine depending on the hazardous situation.
The complete configuration example, program, hardware definition, type of modules used fully running program can be obtained by contacting Control Source.

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