ProducTVity Station™ transforms any TV into a KPI production scoreboard and Andon system

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Ready to Deploy Plant Floor Visualization System
Creates Hi-Definition Key-Performance Indicator and Andon Message Boards
720P DVI Output Supports 720 or 1080 TVs with DVI or HDMI Interfaces
200+ Communications Drivers for Communicating Directly with PLCs, Drives, Etc.
Supports up to 16 CS-Series Modules to Accept Digital and Analog Signals
Built-In Webserver Allows Remote View or Control from any Internet Connected PC
Provides Email and SMS Text Message Alerts
Includes 2GB Compactflash® Card for Recording KPIs and Andon Events
Syncs Data Logs to FTP Servers And Microsoft SQL Server®
32-Bit Floating Point Math Allows Creation of Virtually any Key Performance Indicator
Includes HDMI Cable And HDMI/DVI Adapter to Support any PC or Monitor
Programmed with Red Lion's popular Crimson® software

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