Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

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Magnetic cylinder sensors

For many tasks in automation it is necessary to detect the motions of
pneumatic cylinders and to determine their settings exactly. SICK offers
specially designed magnetic cylinder sensors for this purpose, which are
used to determine the position of the pistons in pneumatic cylinders. They
are mounted directly on the cylinder body. They reliably detect a magnet in
the piston through the housing wall of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel, and
trigger a switching signal. The magnetic cylinder sensors from SICK feature high
sensitivity and operating precision, plus practical mounting fittings for all commonly
used pneumatic cylinders.
Magnetic cylinder sensors are used  to detect end of stroke of pistons in pneumatic cylinders.
Magnetic cylinder sensors are mounted directly to the cylinder body and operate according to the same principle as for magnetic proximity sensors.
Magnetic cylinder sensors detect a ring magnet on the piston through the housing wall -- which is made of non-magnetic material (aluminum, brass, stainless steel).

Different body styles and adapters are available to accommodate various designs of pistons.
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