High productivity using two loading zones in a Double Weld Cell

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A double cell welding robot handles parts at two independent turntables.
The access is protected by fences on the right and left side.
In one fence there is a service door. Operation is only possible if this door is closed.
The entry points by which the worker can access the turntable are always open.

The finished welded pieces of metal can be removed and a new one inserted only if the arm of the robot is in the other cell. The turntable has to be in a safe position as well. Otherwise the robot will stop if someone enters this area. The cell in which the welding arm is
working may not be entered. It should be possible to manually
stop the robot in an hazardous situation.
The access through the service door is secured by an i12S safety switch.
If the door is opened, the robot and the turntables stop. The work station entry points
used to exchange material are monitored by M4000 multiple light beam
safety curtains. Using two IN4000 non-contact safety switches, the
position of the center of the robot is determined. In an interruption of either
of a particular entry point, the M4000 only stops the robot if the
arm of the welding robot is in this area. The safe position of the each
of the two turntables is detected by a non-contact safety switch IN4000. If
the turntable and the robot are in a safe position, the worker can enter
this area to change the part. All safety components are connected to
the Flexi Soft safety controller, which safely controls the machine. If there
is a complete stop of the robot, the dangerous action of the turntable
will also stop.
The switch-off signal is send directly from the Flexi Soft safety controller.
After a complete stop, the Reset pushbutton has to be pushed to start
the machine again. Additionally there is one emergency stop push button
ES21 on each access and on each service door which switches off the
machine in a hazardous situation.

The Flexi Soft safety controller consolidates the individual safety component status and stops or starts one or more parts of the machine depending on the hazardous situation.
The complete configuration example, program, hardware definition, type of modules used fully running program can be obtained by contacting Control Source.

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