Ground and Rolled BallScrews from Accu Tech USA.

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Precision Ground Series

Accu Tech USA's premium line of ballscrews. Available in External Ball Circulation, Internal Ball Circulation and High Lead configurations.

Our superior manufacturing techniques, quality assurance and production efficiencies provide world class ballscrews and the best value in the industry.

Unbeatable Precision, Life, Smoothness and Cost.

Standard Characteristics (all configurations):

  • Ballscrew and ballnut are surface hardened to a specific hardness and case depth to maintain high rigidity and durability.
  • Multiple thread starts are available for higher rigidity and durability.
  • Ball circulation tubes (patent pending design) offer smooth ball circulation inside the ballnut.
  • Accurate ball circle diameters (BCD) through length of ballscrew provides consistent drag torque and low noise

External Ball Circulation:

  • Lowest noise due to longer ball circulation paths
  • Smoothest operation ~ Accu Tech USA "Compliance"
  • Best solution for long lead or large diameter ballscrews

Internal Ball Circulation:

  • Compact ballnut designs provide an outer diameter smaller than that of an equivalent external ball circulation nut. Suitable for machines with limited installation space.

High Lead: High rigidity, low noise and thermal control.

  • The DN value can be 130,000 in normal case. For some special cases, for example in a fixed ends case, the DN value can be as high as 140,000.
  • High-speed Ballscrews provide traverse speeds greater than 100 m/min for performance cutting machine tools

Rolled BallscrewsRolled Series

Lower Cost: The manufacturing process for a rolled screw is much more efficient than that of a ground screw, resulting in lower costs and higher value for the right applications.

Faster Delivery: Standard ballnuts and screw shafts are stock items. Delivery is FAST.

Lead Accuracy: Accu Tech USA rolled ballscrews are rolled by using precision CNC rolling machines. Lead accuracy of 0.018 mm/300 mm available.

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