A smarter way to connect in series! Flexi Loop saves costs with sensor cascades that communicate.

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Flexi Loop meets the demand for a cost-effective way to cascade safety switches and sensors within a machine while also supporting diagnostis. Flexi Loop makes it possible to cascade up to 32 safety sensors while maintaining the highest level of safety . Regardless of the manufacturer, any combination of safety switches and safety sensors with OSSD outputs can be used. Such a system set-up also guarantees the continuous diagnosis of all door switches, emergency stop push-buttons and sensors. Used in connection with Flexi Soft, the entire safety application can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs – cost-effective, personalized and efficient.

  • Ability to cascade 32 sensors with up to 30 m per segment in compliance with performance level PLe
  • Compatible with all sensors from other manufacturers
  • Transfer of detailed diagnostic information
  • Integrated standard inputs and outputs
  • Power supply for sensors is included
  • Connection of the sensors via unscreened standard cable with M12 plug
  • IP 67 enclosure rating

Click here for Flexi Loop Video

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